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KPMG and Salesforce help healthcare organizations improve patient access and engagement.

Accelerated by responses to COVID-19, the needs and expectations for access to healthcare are changing. Patients today want their healthcare to have the same level of connectivity that are offered in other facets of their lives. These trends were accelerated as patients moved away from traditional care and now seek virtual ways to connect with caregivers. At the same time, the pandemic demonstrated the importance of healthcare access—and the need for more equal access and opportunity in underserved communities.

KPMG and Salesforce are helping healthcare organizations improve how patients and communities get connected to the healthcare they need.

Healthcare | Unified Digital Platform enabled by Salesforce

Reimagine patient referral, registration, and continued care with a unified digital platform.



Reimagine healthcare. Reimagine patient referral, registration, and continued care with a unified digital platform. KPMG offers a pre-built application using Salesforce technology that can accelerate your ability to deliver next-level care. The unified platform enables patients to find a provider, schedule in-person and virtual appointments, chat with live care support, complete pre-registration, and find info regarding their visits, care plan, and more.

Find a doctor. Patient can easily search for a provider based on: Specialty, Name, Insurance, Location, Availability, In-person or virtual visit. More intuitive match from patient to the provider. Pre-configured using Salesforce Data Model.

Search for a provider. Intuitive search based on targeted algorithm defined by: Distance, Availability, Other preferences and parameters.

Schedule an appointment. Patient can schedule an appointment quickly and intuitively based on their preferences. Patient can add to waitlist for earlier appointments. Leverages Salesforce Intelligent Appointment Management.

Patient registration. Patient can complete forms prior to the appointment. Integrates with core systems and electronic health records. Reduces data re-entry and creates efficiency for front office and nurses.

Chat with live agent. Patient can connect with live support to get answers across the care experience, including: Wayfinding, Transportation, Visit preparation, and more. Uses automation and AI for standard needs and live agents for more complex needs. Integrated with Salesforce Chat to enable patient care.

Step into the future of healthcare with KPMG and Salesforce.

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